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The Antique Car Prophetic Dream — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Mr. McGatlin,
    Hi! For some reason everything I just wrote was erased.
    Hopefully this will come through.
    Someone just sent me the video of your antique car dream. I stood watching it, absolutely speechless. (A rarity!) You were describing our ministry here to a “T”!
    This April “Li’l Bit Of Heaven” will be celebrating 24 years of ministry.
    We are this small storefront in this very small town and yet the Lord draws hundreds of thousands of visitors here from all over the world!
    The question we hear the most is “What IS this place? Both believer and non-believer get that same look when they enter…a look of “wonderment”.
    What they are feeling is the love and presence of God. I wait for the Lord to reveal that to them. Here is a link of my story.
    Thank you so much for sharing your dream..it encouraged and blessed me so much!
    With love & gratitude,

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