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A Word to The Nations for 2023 — (Updated) — 4 Comments

  1. I am encouraged by your knowledge and warnings. Especially your admonition to “test the spirits.” Thank you. Do you have a Twitter page?

    • Lou, you are welcome and I thank you also.
      I am not on Twitter at this present time. Still I will pray about going back on there and follow the Lords leading.
      God bless you.

  2. Thank you my sister Bev for coming by and commenting.
    Oh what hidden treasures the Lord lays aside for His beloveds! 
    To sit at His feet and worship Him is my hearts desire.
    As you said honor is not to be neglected, etc.
    I believe you truly have and are walking that country mile with the Lord. May we walk it together.
    Much ❤️ hugs and prayers, Joyce

  3. Joyce, LOVED this Word. Honor is so needed by many!!!!

    Giving Honor shows the true heart of the person it comes from. Not to be neglected as it shows kindness, mercy, grace, & respect to others. Virtues that are drastically needed in the world, but something we should all call our own & live by as the BELOVEDS OF THE LORD.

    Well spoken, My good & faithful servant. Well done. PAPA

    GOD BLESS YOU & YOURS JOYCE, IN THE DAYS AHEAD. MAY GOD GRANT YOU YOUR HEARTS DESIRE, as i see the treasure chests of heaven over you now! Woo Hooo! Have fun!  BLESSINGS, Bev

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