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I Will Give You a New Song! — 5 Comments

  1. AMEN AMEN AMEN!! I need this word!! Is SOOOOOO TIMELY!!
    Thank you so much June for being so obedient!! I receive this word and I activate it in my life and family in Jesus name!!

  2. Praise God! Amen! I see the Divine Hand of Yahweh – El Shaddai, our Almighty God, The Great I AM, is moving swiftly, in many lives in this season and hour, especially in my life personally. I as I stay consistent in the Lord Jesus, relying on God’s Perfect and Infallible Word, depending on His Strength, in the Power of His Might, there is victory in/through the Lord alone.

    Faith and stepping out in action, talking and walking it out in Jesus Christ, using what He has supplied every believer with, His Divine Word and the full Armor to suit up in – daily. God bless you, Pastor June Reinke! Thank you, for sharing this message via post. I feel and see something taking place spiritually, that God is the divine cause of it, as He is stirring up things in the atmosphere, to let us all know, that He is the All Living God – in full control, having the last words spoken on any evil agenda transpiring, it is not beyond His Strength or Might. God bless you!♥️

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