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A Word To The White House — 8 Comments

  1. The King Herodes who died because an Angel smote him, because he gave not God the glory (Acts 12),
    is not the same King Herodes who initiated murder to babies in Bethlehem.
    King Herodes Agrippa I. is the grandson of King Herodes the Great.
    King Herodes the Great died when Jesus lived in Egypt (Mat. 2:15-19)

  2. Awesome Word.
    DC beware.
    GOD is absolute.
    And He will Have His way.
    Thank You Sister Sherry for
    publication of this Word.
    Pastor George Cross.
    P.S. Stand Strong.

  3. Awesome Word.
    DC beware.
    GOD is absolute.
    And He will have His way.
    Thank you Sister Sherry for publication
    Of this word.
    Pastor George Cross.

  4. Wow…powerful word! Thank You Lord, we receive this word and say yes to Your plans and purposes for our nation. We trust Your righteousness, holiness and truth. We love You Lord!!

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