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Activate your Faith; Receive new Divine Appointments! — 7 Comments

  1. WOW!! Man of God!!!

    Thank you! What a good, strong and confirming word.  Interestingly, I read this post after midnight on 7/29 and it spoke to my spirit because many of the things mentioned did occur in my life.
    I received the word by faith and even noted it above. at 12:02pm.

    This morning the man of God, who the father confirmed I would marry and who has struggled cooperating with God, contacted me today “out of the blue” after a long absence. 

    I was shocked that he called, especially after reading this post last night. 
    Now I am reading it again and wondering if this man is going to stay in contact or disappear again burying himself in his work. I am not sure, but my focus and hope is in the Lord!
    I do love this man but am willing to wait for God’s best!

    People of God, please pray for me that God’s will is done in my life and in this situation. 

    If you receive a word about it feel free to leave me an email.


  2. AMEN!! I pray that even in the midst of these divorce proceedings, Lord, You will touch John’s heart. That the scales will fall off from his eyes, his ears will be unclogged and his lips will utter only Your name. I decree and declare that the spirits and demons of sexual immorality, addiction, Mormonism, death and destruction, generational bondage, infirmity, pride, rejection, love of the world, abuse and bitterness be bound, broken and cast into the fiery lake! I ask for fortitude, wisdom, discernment, stature, financial provision, hope, love and faith. Bring home the prodigals in my family Lord.

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