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After The Wilderness Experience — 3 Comments

  1. Heavenly Father thank you for Jordan.  Thank you that you knew Jordan in his mother’s womb and know the count of hairs on his head.  Thank you that you’ve got Jordan in the palm of your hands.  Your word says I know the plans I have for you Jordan.  Holy Spirit thank you for showing Jordan what those plans are for him.  Let him know wherever and whatever that may be you are with him.  May Jordan feel that love more than he has ever felt before.  I bind this spirit of depression and release the spirit of peace in Jordan’s life.  Thank you for letting Jordan know he is never alone and he can share anything with you as you are his Father, you are his Savior, you are his Redeemer and he is my brother in Christ. In Jesus’ name.

  2. I have some ideas related to this just based on my own struggles in life . I guess I’ve been homeless with little support from family and church … been low income too and with mental health issues . Just been having ideas lately understanding my issues makes me realize I’m not alone – but no one seems to take time to understand . I just realize the church has shuffled the problems over to organizations outside of the church / God . Based on my struggle in my mind here – I get the idea that a lot of people have been pursuing life for self . I am not sure but I think the church has been good at that too – I am not sure why I only see people at church but then we are on our own outside of church to get this . I am not exactly sure what God has for me in all of this … I’m trying to get out of my mind for self . I am also trying to be different , it is lonely though … my dream for myself was always a certain career but that made me feel stuck so I am trying something different and going to give truck driving a shot . I still struggle with loneliness though .

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