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America: Be Ready to See a Change in Government — 2 Comments

  1. WE THE CHILDREN OF THE FATHERS IN HEAVEN, must Perform PRAYERS Supplication to The RUACH HA-KODESH, with full operation application & implantation on earth for the MARTIAL COURTS IN HEAVEN; not allowing ENEMIES, for sudden personal moves, as many are pre-empting at this instant times, to vanish away, from current crisis in our AMERICA; as well acts around this planet TERRA NOSTRA.
    The 44 uncover hidden Lizards operators, from 2004 up to 2021, must be captured now without not hesitations.
    THE CRIME to The NATION of UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, and allied Nations, shall do start wright not latest than the 1st of September.
    This UNGODLY BETRAYAL to Earth, must be resolved, as for the change of courses & teaching to HUMANITY at all levels and degrees, applying the WRITTEN LAWS MADE BY OUR ABBA FATHER, “THE CREATOR”, AMÉN..! SELAH IN FULL PRAYERS INTERCESSIONS, BY & WITH HUMBLE ACTS, TO Receive ♥♥♥HIS much need it HELP as from NOW..!♥♥♥ = AMÉN..! 

  2. Hmmm. Another confirmation from the Lord. I had shared this severally on HKP that the Lord told me in the dreams that: (1) 2020 USA Election Results is COVER-UP!
    As I continued to pray fervently(in Africa) for the Lord to uncover the results, HE gave me another dream where I was told (2) “The Ban on the USA 2020 results Election is LIFTED BUT PEOPLE’S FEAR NOW IS RIOTS”! END of Dream! O’ our God, you revealed the schemes of the enemies ahead of time for your children to seek your face, Father Lord, frustrate every demonic riots/civil unrest against the loving people of America in Jesus Christ name. Let your government rule over USA in Jesus Christ name I have prayed. Amen! Thank you Dearest woman of God.

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