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Prophetic Warning: Homelessness — 2 Comments

  1. Sister Elizabeth, BLESSSINGS IN THE MIGHTY HOLY NAME OF YESHUA’ THE MESSIAH..! for Your stated call that we are aware, since the change of the Demonic Zatanic Evils in managing Governmentally this NATION today.
    The illegal invasion to America, is like the Balkan war style in Europe.
    Been there, sent for services. (I was in 31 conflicts on this earth, and in between in 9 wars front lines)
    American’s by many circumstances. had rejected to appraise those such events.
    Unfortunately, all occurs when government people, gain a place position, without HONOR this land.
    Today America it’s in total panic doubts chaos, to confront TRUTH.
    ♥♥♥HIS Temples been used as Volley Allies for self business whom were there as ?? part of today BETRAYAL to Our ABBA Creator♥♥♥
    Fires in all states, are part of the ENEMIES inserted to the NATION of U.S.A.
    Arm forces conducted my trained national ENEMIES of GOD as well U.S.A.
    We must encourage People to PRAY with Intercessors Leaders, to CALL THE TRUE and Sacred “MARTIAL COURTS IN HEAVEN in the hands OF YESHUA’ JUDGE TO STOP at once the actual ENEMY of this NATION. The example are who are in charge on horrible the Afghan results on this EARTH.
    If we allow its continuation, we are Failing to the whole CREATOR. AMÉN..!

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