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America: From Shakespeare to Psalm 126 — 4 Comments

  1. Partly through reading your word, before I read the twist about Redeemed In Name Only, I felt God had given me a similar but different one: Prophets In Name Only! Haha.

    At one point I called a section of the prophets “baby prophets” or “beach-ball prophets” but then I decided they were far too dangerous to be called that. Haha.

  2. Elizabeth..all I can say is SO MUCH TO DIGEST here! Thanks for sharing I just got something about DJT that was amazing. I don’t count myself as POLITICAL but GOD called me as an intercessor for DJT..but the RINOS in the church…brave one you are. They are rampant in the church. I will have to go back and digest all this a bit at a time. Thanks for posting like 5 words in 1..lol! Love and blessings, my friend, Sandi

  3. Elizabeth, oh my, as I just wrote Bro Chris, so many hindrances to respond lately to anyone on here.
    Your article moved me deeply. Church Rino’s, how the Lord is coming out strong on so much!! The fear of God is being brought back to the church. May we grab a hold of the seriousness of the hour and never play church anymore. Love you sister.

    • Thank you dear Joyce.

      Your comment so encouraged me today.

      I was reluctant to even post this, as I wasn’t sure if some might see it as a ‘political endorsement’- it’s not. Nor am I lauding or dissing the human leaders. I truly felt the Lord’s heart ‘to pray in’ the scared & hiding ones. There’s so many.

      As far as the rest- I want to be faithful to write/say what I hear, as His Word & spirit speak to me. There’s no flawless leader in scripture, or today,save for Jesus. Just broken and malleable vessels God wants to use. I look at the fruit.

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