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America: Is Kari “Lake” a Prophetic Sign? — 13 Comments

  1. Veronika, this confirms many parts of a word the Spirit shared with me many years ago!! What a blessing! I had not read the word about America being a signet ring nation. If you get a chance, read the story of how our national anthem came to be.
    Many patriots died as the flag was repeatedly fired upon by a British ship and captain who vowed to take the flag down. As the battle raged on through the night wave after wave of patriots rallied around the base of our flag to keep it upright in the morning there were many dead at the base of that flagpole but “ our flag was still there”.
    May that same heart beat in the remnant because we serve a mighty God. May we rally in any way He calls us to war and may He receive all the Glory due His Name. No time for shrinking back!!

  2. Thank you for posting this.  I pray that your own personal storm has passed.  Our household is praying for Kari Lake and the whole political system of America.  We know God is at work.  Your word is such an encouragement to keep believing.  May righteousness prevail!

    I hope this applies to Ukraine as well.
    Your word seems spot on .about Kari Lake a wonderful woman.

  4. No doubt something very big is happening here. The warfare has reached new heights and I can feel the panic in the enemies camp. I loved the word “imminent” in your last post…that’s a Rock we can stand on, unshakeable. He who promised is Faithful!!
    God bless!! :)

    • Thank you for posting this, what an incredible woman of God!! What an amazing example she’ll be to our children and the generations to come…I decree and declare it, in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord!!

  5. After Jesus spoke and quieted the storm, MK. 5:2 continues:
    And when He had come out of the boat, immediately there met Him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit.
    Could it be that the storm was meant to prevent a great deliverance?
    My household voted for Kari. We love her and she is a real Mama Bear for the people of AZ.

    • I agree Mary! Me and my husband voted for Kari Lake, my kids ? I am praying for her, I love what Our Lord has positioned her for!

  6. It will take this Ax of G-d to chop down the lies & deception, with the Media thrown on the ash heap of history as well.

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