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Christians Who Don’t Gossip — 5 Comments

  1. “凡为攻击你而造的兵器,必不亨通;凡兴起攻击你的舌头,你都要定罪。 这是耶和华仆人的产业,他们的义也是从我而来的,”耶和华说,” 以赛亚书54:17。

    [ HKP : Google Translate : ” “Whatever is made against you will not prosper; Whoever rises up to attack your tongue will condemn. This is the inheritance of Jehovah’s servants, and their righteousness comes from me,” says Jehovah,” Isaiah 54:17. ” ]

  2. A few years ago I went through much pain because an Isebel type of Christian workmate organized, forced to a prayer group to meet there in lunch break or directly after work, in a small church attached to a senior residency. I prayed in tears that GOD please would change an arrogant bad behaving co-worker. Guess what ? This co-worker heard from my prayer and staged a big scandal. We had to appear before the leader and there she screamed at me, with red head of anger, that she doesn’t want her name in prayergroups of workmates ! Finally I cried again. Oppression, false accusations, hurting advices, humiliations – the best way is to get out of such jobs. But the gosipping Isebel never got punished.  She was in that religious church and workplace the worst slanderer.
    Sister Gail, thank you for comfort through Isaiah 54:17

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