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  1. Dear Sister Veronica, I am thinking that the seven elephants represent the Republicans in seven states: Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina.  One these will break first for President Trump.  Some time will go by (signified by the elephants marching around the tree) Then another state will break for President Trump as fraud is exposed and only legal votes are counted.  One after another this will happen until the sixth one.  At that time the head of the donkey pinata was destroyed.  Nancy Pelosi has been the head of the Democratic Party for the last two years–Speaker of the House, the highest office a democrat has held.  I wonder if when the fraudulent votes are thrown out if more Congressmen and women from the Republican Party will be elected so that Nancy can no longer be the speaker.  Even if the Democrats maintain a slight majority in the House of Representatives if that many states thought to go to Biden actually go to President Trump her own people would probably not vote for her leadership. Perhaps it means something else–like Joe Biden conceding defeat.  At any rate, this dream/vision gives me the belief that seven states are going to turn out to be wins for President Trump.  Each one will CRACK the clay pinata. Also, china plates are made out of clay.  I wondered if there was some significance to that–as if the pinata of ceramic was actually china, since Joe Biden is a favorite of the Chinese Communist Party.
    We in America owe you a big debt of gratitude for all our prayers for us and your ministry.  Tell us how to pray for England so we can serve your country in prayer better. Most of us Americans don’t have a clue as to how to pray for England. In Christ’s affection, Wes Daughenbaugh

  2. I read the Elephant and piñata dream several days ago, but it was only today when rereading it, did more things come together for understanding in these post election moments. The Lord is showing who will be victorious by His decree. The piñata’s origin is from China brought to Italy by Marco Polo. The original pinata’s were made of clay. The most current tradition is out of Mexico (perhaps even South America) for children celebrating birthday parties or Christmas to have one to break open for the candy/treats. The Donkey piñata is not real as are the elephants. The elephants in their own land are having a “party” celebrating a Birth Day even a Christ Mas Day.
    There is life in the party as their trunks become as shofars trumpeting the sound of the Word of the Lord. The shofars speaking of the covenants God has made with Israel and His people today. Something about the piñata has to do with trading with China, Italy, Mexico, (perhaps South America). When the contents of the piñata are revealed there is restitution seven fold by the prophetic word. The Republican ‘party’ (by the Holy Spirit) is celebrating birth and life which spiritually releases the trade inequities which are both spiritually and monetarily connected to countries and principalities. There is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in their party. They (the people of God) will be victorious in this day.

  3. My Dear Sister Veronica,

    Thank you for being so richly obediently faithful to our Father!
    Thank you for sharing the Holy Spirit’s Words with us and the dreams He gives you. They are truly anointed. Truly, you are an obedient child of God!

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