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America & The Heel of The Prince of Peace — 4 Comments

  1. I watched as the heels of the Ekklesia, who were marching around the Olive Tree, came down upon the seven headed serpent spirit that was ready to strike… and its head was crushed.

    I heard these words, “For the God of Peace will soon crush Satan under your feet!” Sister Veronica

    YES, THANK YOU JESUS in this season…DISCERN, BEWARE, Be STILL & STAND postman, postwoman on WATCH for CHRIST. The SEVEN headed serpent come disguise wearing diff MASKs. PRAY PRAY PRAY in the spirit with the armory of GOD we’re FIGHTING unseen demonic forces eavesdropping, monitored spiritually and physically. Pre- Tribulation we are in NOW- when CHRIST come 2take the babies, CHILDREN and DEDICATED BELIEVERS those “LEFT BEHIND” has enter 7 year tribulation with the New World ORDER CONTROL by the Beast, HIS followers and systematic enforce of HIS 666 mark.

  2. Praise God !!
    Father I receive this Word today in the Name of Jesus with a heart overflowing with gratitude. Thank You Abba Father for this very encouraging Word and greatly bless the beautiful feet of this messenger.
    In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen
    Thank you Veronica :)

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