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America: The Scepter of Wickedness —The Land of the Righteous — 7 Comments

  1. Yes, I went back and re read this as my great State is leading the charge. I also happened to find the TX Gold Rush word you published two years ago. And then the next day (this week) Elon Musk said he’d moved to TX from the “Golden” State — like so many others. And there you have it. A “gold rush” in TX. Thank you, Veronika, for hearing the Lord and sharing it with the world. We are listening and agreeing.

  2. I trust that the Lord will soon bring these things to pass. Many are getting weary. I am standing strong and am telling others of the goodness of the Lord.

  3. Thanks Veronika. My spirit concurs.  Interesting that this weekend is Chanukah (Dec11/12th).  All about restoration of Godly good government and a cleansing of the Temple from unholy idol worship by Judah Maccabeus.  Exactly what we need in the West right now. Richard

  4. Thank you Veronika

    I’ve been waiting for this!

    Mark Roberts … I too have been praying what you’ve been praying … for the Lord to do for UK what He’s doing for America.

    Blessings …


  5. Amen!  This word is an answer, since I have just been asking that the Lord to do also for the UK what He is doing for the US. 

    Although there will be global repercussions from the displacement of demonic strongholds in the US – not least because there the globalists will suffer a major defeat, each country must still join in the prayer war for itself and for others.

    I believe a strategic prayer for each country is that the Lord would raise up a HOLY remnant within it – in other words, to bring about a TRUE revival.

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