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The LORD Has Removed The Resistance — 3 Comments

  1. To translate Jeremaiah 51:5 as Martin Luther translated it, I recite it from an over 100 years old Holy Bible: “Fot the land has highly done wrong against the Holy One of Israel”.  I hope all who read it get it right. Ezekiel 25 says it similar: “The avenger has done relentless revenge againts His saints”. This was never done out of LOVE. So they should all ask themselves why CHRIST-mas is on the one and only true agenda.

  2. Great words of GOD’s truth. So much to say, but I want to give you a short response: A coworker gave me her green mantle, I never asked for it, I never said oh what a nice mantle or something else. She just gave it to me. She is from Serbian nationality. My boss granted me an extra reward of 400,- for my good work, added to the usual Christmas gratification. In a private letter he wrote, he is convinced that I deserve the extra money and I should use it for a special wish. WOW ! I do not use a FB account but somehow I can read HKP again, after it was not possible. I want to thank and to bless Charly Shamp for his comfort and decree !

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