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America: The Season of the War and Swords in the Nations — 6 Comments

    • But were we also not ‘sinners’ before God saved us? All of us are sinners and everyone is a child of God including ‘evil sinners’ it is for those very dear ones that Jesus came and shed His blood on Calvary. For Me and You.

  1. Amen! Always very insightful dreams! We thank God for your obedienxe.
    God have risen and His enemies are scattered. There is really a high ranking army of God at work, not by power nor by mighty but the spirit of God
    This is what i saw this morning:
    This morning while in prayer first A table round with white cloth came between Levi and North east said it is the table of the nations then Trump came by its west in the tan/orange shirt, after a cream wheel came up by the table then on its east came the three fold mountains with a stick on. Then after that one former president of USA walked fron NorthEasr or Joseph unrolling a big paper tower. When he reached west he stood there facing east joined by others.
    Then just saw someone had a bow and arrow inside the city where Joseph and Judah gate can intersect. The Five wicked kings standing by edge/line of city on west in a line, starting with one former president of USA and ending with a financial gurus. Three men and two women. Man, two women and two men in the line order. This someone shot the five wicked kings in their bellies with arrows one by one , as they were shot, they fell backward and fell down.
    Then it was said ” Well done”! and taken to Zechariah 9:13 also Zechariah 10:6-7
    But read entire Zechariah 9 to 10.
    I believe this add to the victory revelation God is giving us in this time and quiet an encouragement for us to keep shooting those arrows from bows ( praying) as God is answering our prayers and wickedness is being uprooted and being destroyed. Keep fighting the good fight of faith!
    There is a mocking spirit going around but this is what i got :” mocking is giving more firewood for the priestly fire!. End!.
    So let us rejoice as the fire shall burn even stronger with more firewood the mockers are bringing in”.
    What an exciting time we live in! Living a Bible life out.
    We know satan have only come to steal, lie and kill but the bible say ” TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED, DO NO HARM TO MY PROPHETS”. We decree and declare The Justice of God is here in Jesus Christ Name, Amen! We give all honor and glory to God.

  2. Let’s be careful as children of God not to allow our political views and preferences to become idols that damage our christian witness and detract from our responsibility of loving EVERYONE including those who don’t agree with us. They like us are children of God.

    • before you were saved, where you not a sinner? a child of satan? God saved you and now you belinf to the kingdom of light. that applies to everyone saved now and those who we are commissioned to preach to. Christ came for sinners not for the righteous.

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