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Unearned, Unspeakable Gifts — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Yausha, for my redemption. Thank you for your life-sacrifice that culminated on the cross; and finished in us.
    Holy, holy, holy is Yauh, the father, that fulfilled the work of the word (you) from the beginning.

    It’s a great honor and a great pleasure to be part of your kingdom, to be a representative “of you” (and of our maschiach Yausha); what a great responsibility and awe to carry your great name, and the price of the blood sacrifice of your lamb, your son, for us!
    Help us (perfect us) to be like our master and redeemer, to be like you; your voice, and your right hand. So, when someone asks about you, we will can boldly answer, with great honor (and nothing wil be more precious than that), in the same manner like your son did, because we will are also like you, doing what we see you doing, responding to your orders in spirit and true (the kingdom “so on earth as in heaven” is here!), because we will be fulfilled (transformed) by you, and you will be living completely within us (in us and through us); we will be your perfect kingdom-representatives-sons (princes and priests), for the honor and the glory of your name, your work, mighty and power, and your faithful-right merciful-perfect love; our victory is your victory to the perfectness of our endless kingdom.


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