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America: This Is Your Mount Carmel Moment! — 7 Comments

  1. Dear Sister, thank you for your faithfulness and love and obedience to us here in USA. Found out about you through Richard’s Watch..so encouraged finding him also.  Writing from COLORADO (Blue state) covered by the Blood of the Lamb, now, a RED state.  Will you be coming to President Trump’s HomeComing??  –May the Lord watch over you and your loved ones continually.  Praying for all you faithful saints.  PS. 111

    • On Thursday (3 days ago) my Identity was stolen through online apps and thieves! For 2 days I went through the full gamut of emotions, it was a battle for my sanity. I was lost in the tangles of my mind over being taken advantage of on such a large scale, as Identity theft. That the thieves had access to every area of my life was absolutely horrifying to me.

      Finally, last night, after many hours of doing all I could to secure myself online, I laid it down at the foot of the cross.
      After listening to this word today I can honestly say that the part about President Trump getting a new identity resonated so deeply in my spirit. Today is the 3rd day, I am able to think much more clearly and I am amazed at the words the Lord has spoken to me, even in the midst of the frenzy, these past 3 days.

      Thank you Veronika, your word today was the 2nd confirmation that the Lord gave me about this experience I just lived through. He may be wanting to give me a new identity as well! “Now it is no longer I who live but it is Christ who lives in me”

  2. Personally praying for a divine visitation from Rauch Ha Kadish and changes John Trump and his wife will both change with new Spiritual dimensions and direction…

  3. Father, I pray for Limitless Encouragement, Limitless Vision…Eternal Victory Vision, and Limitless Hope to fill the hearts and minds of the Righteous Remnant at this time. Reveal to us our position through the Cross, in Christ at Your Right Hand, Empowered by Your Holy Spirit, and through us release the Righteousness of Christ upon the earth so that Truth may Spring up from within and Reign and Rule the Land, in us and through us.
    Thank You Father, in the Mighty Name of Yaweh, Yeshua, Jesus Christ our Lord and Redeemer, Amen and Amen

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