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  1. Good beautiful day Deborah:)
    Thank you for sharing His Heart for us.
    Here in the Minneapolis area an extremely stong thunder storm passed through during the night, it took out our power. I knew my son was out, so I’ve been up praying. He just walked in the door, and sure enough he was on the freeway when it hit. He said he was looking at the sky over the city and the lightning was green!!! He said he’s never seen anything like it…isn’t the color around the Throne green, like an Emerald???!!! The words you spoke are such a confirmation!!
    It’s such a hard long journey, I pray for the Remnant to be greatly encouraged, and to not give up just before the Dawn. For unlimited Hope, Encouragement, and Vision in the Name of Yeshua, Yaweh, Jesus Christ our Lord :)
    God bless you Deborah!!

    • Thank you for your prayers, dear sister Cheri. I know you through your comments. How wonderful that your son returned home right on time. You share your thoughts so authentic, you give honour to GOD in such an amazing childlike normal reaction, with surprise, with expectancy. And thank you, dear sister Deborah. I had not time today to read any articles or comments at HKP or it’s fb page, only this one. Just a hint of what happened: THUNDER AND LIGHTNING is a very good description…

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