America’s Dome of Protection to be Restored


Saints, I had such an awesome encounter in corporate prayer and worship last night.

At the end, God really cracked open the word and allowed me to teach on revelations from Throne Room experiences.

I cannot share it all, but what I can share is this.  During the prayer time, I saw an arc, or dome of protection, being re-raised up again over America.  Once this dome was fully restored, the glory filled it and our land, like we have never seen before!

It is very important that we fast and pray and intercede for our Nation.

It is very important that we stay on the wall and go deeper in consecration.

God wants to put a righteous leader in our White House who will receive the Move of Glory in the Vision.

I saw this new president receive the true Apostles and Prophets who are not the corrupt ones who serve mammon, like most are who are on the seen today.

These were Holy men and women of God;  uncompromising with the truth.

I saw this leader in our White House, receiving there, Godly counsel

I was warned that the enemy would attempt to abort this move and plan.  It is important that we continue to fast pray and go deeper in repentance,

I also saw some troubling events that i have to pray over and wait, before i can share in God’s good timing.  So I covet your prayers on how and when to share.

I love the true Church and Army of the Lord.  It is the choices we make that determine whether we, as individuals, are part of the bride or harlot.

Good day and God bless you all.


Kevin Nugent

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent



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