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  1. Good Morning Apostle Geraldine,
    The Lord Jesus is leading me, by His Spirit, to share this with you.
    When The Lord has elevated someone in The Spirit, the whole atmosphere and environment changes around them and people start turning against that individual for no apparent reason at all.
    During the time of elevation, that individual will feel that the Holy Ghost is quietly doing a work on the inside of his or her and pulls everything up from underneath the surface.
    It feels like The Lord is emptying that individual out and putting more of Himself in that individual (more like dying to the flesh).
    Listen, when one is being elevated in The Spirit, the closer that individual is being drawn to The Lord and the revelations of The Lord starts coming quickly and suddenly things began to happen and the supernatural power and glory of God starts to manifests.
    Whether the person is stationary or not in that environment or sphere The Lord puts that person in, The Lord is working out the will of God and bring God’s Will to pass in that territory.
    It may be ugly at first because of the up rooting and over throwing of the dark powers of satan and his strongholds, but in the end the will of God is accomplished and the elevation for that individual in a season is completed. (Jeremiah Ch. 1 and 2 Corinthians Ch. 12:1-10).
    The Lord put me under Apostle Barbara R. Thomas for discipleship and mentorship. The Lord used Apostle Barbara to drop the prophet’s mantle in me a year ago, and my life has never been the same. The Lord is leading me to say on this page that Apostle Barbara is a true Apostle and Prophet of God filled with the Holy Ghost Power.
    Sis. Claudette

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