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  1. You do not have to apologize for being obedient to our loving Abba.
    May you be blessed for both telling His truth and for taking the beating for your obedience to Him.
    All this will be over in a short period of time and now of us will be disappointed in what He has for us.
    Victory in Jesus

  2. Do not apologize for giving God’s Word. You are obedient. It’s God business when where and how He fulfills His Word. You can’t apologize even should be sworn in. Kim clement prophesied about two presidents and two inaugurations. Leave it to God and do not apologize. People need to grow up and stop expecting God to fill our expectations. We only have the right to expect Him to work and how He does that is His business !

  3. Dear Veronica, need you apologise to anybody?If ,and only if, you clearly heard from God,and the prophecies weren’t your own impressions, then I believe you should leave it at that. You can’t apologise on behalf of God? These are very challenging times for the faith of most Christians. Nevertheless,we must stay focused on our God; He alone knows what He’s doing. God will always uphold His word; it can never fall to the ground. Let the weak hands be lifted up and the wobbly knees,strengthened. Our God will definitely show up.

  4. Thank You VERONICA WEST! Just was given your word about Trump bowed but not broken… May God protect you as you share the Word of the Lord! Please don’t stop! God Bless!!

  5. Thank You! Just was given your word about Trump bowed but not broken… May God protect you as you share the Word of the Lord! Please don’t stop! God Bless!!

  6. Thank you so much for your prophecies about Trump. I agree totally with you. God is not through with America. The AWAKENING IS ABOUT TO GET INTO FULL SWING. More people will be born again all over the world than all the other revivals and awakenings that have happened before.
    I praise God for you Veronika.

  7. Dear Veronika West, You must present to your readers what GOD has told you to say. Stay true to GOD and not to man. It has been amazing to watch GOD at work. Jacquie Waldemar

  8. We will pray for the peace and prosperity for the US, the country we love, while we trust in God alone, and forget people’s dreams no matter how well intended they seemed.
    Jesus is our rock. His very own sheep know his voice.
    Righteousness brings forth peace.

  9. This is an Esther moment…there is either certain death or Victory….Biden will end up a resident of Gitmo…not a President….America is transitioning from a Corporation back to a Constitutional Republic and it will end with people rejoicing…and who knows….the Church might even wake up.

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