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America Will Not Be Forsaken by God — 6 Comments

  1. Maria Zack did interview on how Italy at the Vatican a software engineer has given an affidavit who participated in giving votes to Biden from Trump with there internet . Live 1.6.21 Interview by Debbie Georgatos can be found on Americanwetalk.org. Trump has the Affadavit. Someone asked why are we helping the Americans and it started all the questions.

  2. In other words, most the prophets got it wrong, and nobody is looking at the times and the seasons.

    I warned before, things had changed before the election 1. A number of people came of voting age during trump’s tenure. Things shifted and the media mis-portrayed alot including influencing the next generation.

    2. when civil war was prophesied there was another train of thought, which was “what if the war came from the people to retain their freedom. (many thought it would come from the left after donald won a second term)

    3. What is happening right now is the exact portrayal of Christ being crucified (an analogy of trump) and how many peter’s there are. Persecution will start now of any religious and /or republican tendencies. Just like in the days when the people wanted a king, Samuel acquiesced and God gave them what they wanted even though it was bad for them.

    The media owns this country and holds the narrative. Until that changes, nothing will change.

  3. Praise God for This Word! God’s Plans ALWAYS PREVAIL! The GRET AWAKENING is NOW UPON Us & The enemy knows it!  I Decree LET GOD ARISE – ALL HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED!!!☝

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