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An Urgent Word Concerning Trump and The USA — 31 Comments

  1. Thank You Jesus for Your immeasurable love and amazing grace!  As You bless America, which we are also praying for in this hour, let Your Spirit hover over the African continent Lord also!! Africa needs YOU Lord!! We thank You for giving President Donald Trump second term!!  Halleluya!!

  2. Dear Father God, Do you have appointed president Donald J Trump To lead this great republic for such a time as this. I pray that you show in your great mercy this to your Ekklesia. Showing them this is your appointed man to lead our country! There is no other leader that has led our country towards goodness, decency, that is protected the rights that you gave us , Like this man has! I have no doubt that he is in your will , Not unlike Cyrus. And you gave him the stamina of Jehu! Father please let your man stand as our leader. We cast down the Jezebel Spirit to the ground like dust beneath our feet! In the name of Jesus. Amen and Amen

    • God Almighty placed President
      Trump in Office! I saw Trump
      holding his hand up to be
      Sworn into The President’s
      Office months before the
      Election! God. Is going to put
      him into the same Office for
      a second term.
      But all this work going on
      must not Stop at his Election,
      The Church needs to cover
      him and his VP with prayers daily.
      It’s time for the Church, The Bride
      Of Christ to raise up and take
      Her rightful place. God is preparing
      the way for abortion to be
      ended. Taste and see that the
      Lord is Good!

  3. Amazing word! The 2 annointings coming together is a divine turning point for our nation
    I just read the last paragraph
    Yes, I agree!!!
    I had been so grieved when same sex marriage was passed by the Supreme Court that I prayed to God and was interceding for the nation….I was afraid that judgement was going to strike our land.
    I kept telling God to have mercy bc not everyone had voted for same sex marriage… I pleaded with God
    God said that he was going to snuff out Supreme Court judges in response
    Trump will be able to replace them

    • There was a prophecy that said he was going to be baptised in the Holy Spirit, enabling him to pray in the Spirit, b4 his term of office. I believe that has been done already.

  4. Jezebel and Ahab spirit running rampant in the US in every system including the church system at this time but God told me in 1991 he was going to bring them down and here we are on the dawn of a new day. Glory to the King of Kings and the Lord of lords!

  5. Amen! We shall continue to pray for our dear President Donald J. Trump. Thank you sister Veronica for every post. May the Lord use you for many many more years.

    • I Pray everyday that the Lord pulls our Country out of these bad days and shows us the good days ahead once again.  I Thank you for your words and the wisdom coming from your heart. I look forward to more soon. Bless you

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