An Urgent Word for the Land of Wales!


I prophesy:  The spotlight of heaven is on the land of Wales.  A new sound and a new song is rising!

The Spirit of God says, “Watch!  For the Wild Ones will arise and advance over the land of Wales!”

A few days ago by the leading of the Holy Spirit I was praying for the land of Wales, when a powerful vision opened up to me where I saw a vast army marching across the land of Wales.

I saw the worshipers marching first, followed by the intercessors, then the light bearers, and then the deliverers.

Now in the vision as I looked at the vast army, it was quickened to me the army of Jehoshaphat and the great victory God gave to His People.

While in the vision, I heard these words for the land of Wales, “Watch!  For the Wild Ones will arise and advance over the land of Wales.

Watch!  For even now I AM raising up and releasing those who will be known as the Wild Ones over the land of Wales.

Listen!  For the worshipers of Spirit and Truth will arise over Wales, who will release a new sound and a new song into and over the land, that will unlock and uncap the ancient wells.

Watch!  For My Faithful Intercessors will be the watchers over the harvest and they will carry and call forth My Word that will awaken the hearts of those who have grown lukewarm and cold.

Watch!  For My Light Bearers will carry the fires of revival that will bring forth supernatural revelation, illumination, and divine ignition.

Even now, My Light Bearers will begin to arise and shine, for My Glory has risen upon the land of Wales.

No longer will the powers of darkness and deception shroud and cover the eyes and the ears of the people.

Watch!  For now the mighty deliverers will now begin to emerge over the land of Wales, for a sudden shaking and divine shifting is taking place in the realms of the spirit over Wales.

For I have decreed and declared restoration, restitution and release from the bondage of witchcraft and wickedness that has held captive the hearts of the people of Wales,”  says God.

“Beloved watch and listen!  For behold angels of the harvest are descending upon the land of Wales.

For a great awakening draws near.  Now is time for the Wild Ones to arise and advance over the land of Wales,” says the Spirit of God.

After seeing this incredible vision, I remained praying and crying out for the land of Wales and again I heard the Spirit speak.

But this time I heard His Voice go forth across the land saying, “My beloved rising remnant, I speak to you this day and I say, you will not have to fight this battle.

Take up your positions, stand firm and you will see my hand of mighty deliverance and revival come upon the land.

My beloved rising remnant, do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.

Go out and face the enemy that threatens to overwhelm and defeat you.

For I the LORD will be with you, I say go, its time to pursue, overtake and recover all,” says the Spirit of God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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