The Army of God: Organization To Organism


The Army of God is now beginning to make strategy for VICTORY.

The primary focus of this strategy involves unifying the Body and joining the parts that are ‘CALLED’ to be JOINED.

We must work to properly discern and join the Body properly…  This is not a joining for the sake of joining, but rather a fitting of the parts that are CALLED to be joined.

As with all gathering Armies, there is an awareness of the basic strategy used by the Commander to join, train, and plan for victory.

What I submit here is an understanding of the strategy God is using to gather ‘His’ for His purpose.

Man, in unity with other men, in true God-appointed purpose will initiate the greatest change this earth has ever seen.

Only those who have lost their religion will recognize that God is doing something radically different in the earth today.

God’s true Church is made up of living stones (people), not bricks, mortar, stain-glass, and steeples.

If you are bound to the thought that Church is a building and that the next great move of God will come from these institutions you are possibly in for a great surprise.

The next great move is already moving and it is coming through individuals, families, community leaders, businesses and businessmen, entertainers, athletes, movie makers and many other non-traditional and unfamiliar forms.

Begin to open your spiritual eye to see who and what God is truly connecting you to.

As others, I am connecting to God’s order in various areas of life.  What I have observed in the arrival of this ‘new order’ is an undeniable pattern in the transition process – the ‘old order’ disrupted by the arrival of the ‘new order.’

My traditions and ways in combination with my preconceived notions are being totally disrupted at 58 years of life.

As we have often taught, “Anything growing will change – be open, be flexible, be willing to change.”

Change is as indigenous to growth as water is to rain – growth is a result of change.  All God-called growth will always be precipitated by change.

When we accept the premise that “anything growing will change,” we are prepared to recognize that often disruptions in our lives are nothing more than God-appointed, God-anointed changes launched into our lives to initiate purpose and growth.

Our legacy is our destiny fulfilled, and I am comfortable saying that those engaging destiny are those who have not (and will not) fight change, but rather allow it to guide them like a mountain stream guides a rubber raft down its banks to the new place of purpose.

True change can only operate where there is true rest.  Fear of the unknown often causes resistance to God-appointed change – its basic characteristic being restlessness.

True rest denotes trust and trust is the key ingredient for those seeking God’s purpose and their destiny.

To roll with the punches of change is to embrace truth, destiny, and purpose.

To resist it is to die to the possibility of a vibrant spiritual life, and ultimately attaining life’s true purpose and the abundant life for which Christ’s sacrifice was made.

Those with a revelation of the time in which we now live will never be satisfied with simply being saved and filled, but eagerly desire being led.

Even those desiring leadership from the Holy Spirit are faced with ordered inevitable courageous steps.

Whether these steps are taken will further separate the “many” from the “few.” This level of walking with God is not for the faint of heart.

A true spiritual destiny upon earth is evidenced by many ‘new beginnings,’ to which we never must “despise” because they will all start small a Kingdom dynamic.

It is vastly important to recognize here that ‘new beginnings’ often start as eruptions in the old order.

New wine can only be poured into new wineskins; therefore the old order must be replaced before the new wine can be poured.

What exactly is the ‘old order?’  The ‘old order’ more often than not is our present comfort zone, our present methodology, our present crowd.

Once, while in the middle of a God-appointed eruption, I cried out to God, “What is the ‘new order’ you are taking me to?”

He answered, “New faces and new places.”

Abraham, a man of unquestionable destiny, had this revelation when he left his father’s house.

New purpose will always require “new beginnings” and each new beginning will always require change, and while all change may not be “new faces and new places,” all growth will necessitate change in some area of our lives.

To resist this change is to resist God, which man does in two distinct spheres – ignorantly and stubbornly:

  • “My people perish from a lack of knowledge;”
  • “Stubbornness is as the sin of witchcraft.”

We are all familiar with the term “Let go and let God.”  As cliché as it is, and as mundanely as it is often used, its revelatory truth explodes in ‘surrender’ messages like the one being taught here.

With a general foundation now laid, let us travel into deeper truth which deals with the specific strategy.

What is God doing in the earth with His true Ekklesia?  He is birthing newness with and through His joining Body.

What I see happening is a metamorphose – a painfully changing organization (Church) in which the equity of God is birthing change which will produce enormous and spontaneous growth, due to the late hour.

For this changing growing Body to evolve into what it is designed to be, bones (relationships) must be broken, muscle and sinew (new relationships, new expertise, new loyalties) must grow – ANYTHING GROWING MUST CHANGE!

As stated, growth requires change; extraordinary growth requires extraordinary (often painful) change.

This phenomenon is true in both worldly and kingdom oriented organizations; however, there is one major difference in the evolving nature of the two – THE EQUITY OF GOD, which is best described as the totality of deposit God has made in man.

In a God-appointed group, like Joseph, those with great equity will rise from the dungeon to the palace, but not of their own doing.

God-built means God-tested, God-fearing, and God-hearing (His sheep hear His voice).

When those with God-appointed authority begin to walk in that authority, then and only then will the power of God be released to address situation and circumstance alike into the order of God to fulfill the purpose of God.

Authority requires two distinct elements – 1) knowledge that it exist and 2) the courage (faith) to act on it.  Without it, God-appointed organizational united purpose will not happen.

God’s organizational authority is not vertical (top down) as much as it is horizontal (side-by-side) in which each person recognizes and operates in their sphere of anointing, knowledge, expertise, and power.

This does not mean, as is commonly taught, that there is no head.

Apostolic authority is a true sign of God’s involvement and purpose; however, it should be noted that true apostles inspire more than direct, encourage more than order, and point out more than berate.

They are foundation builders who are true spiritual fathers who first learned to be sons.  A true Apostle is not recognized because of position; he is recognized by the witness of the Spirit within.

Make no mistake about it; if the leader, no matter his position or place of natural order in your life, does not produce the spiritual witness within, you must question the level of spiritual authority you allow.

A God-appointed organization (Body) can only be as creative as the spiritual perception within that Body.

The people must perceive God’s order and direction in their own lives.  They must perceive God’s order and direction in the lives of others, and they must perceive God’s order and direction for the organization (Body).

They recognize that the sum of the parts are much greater as they makeup the whole.

They have a revelation of the phrase “No man is an island.”  They have experienced the pain of isolation and know that unity and community are true terms for family, and family is essential evidence of kingdom life.

They have come to recognize that a sense of belonging is essential to human life; not belonging for the sake of belonging, but belonging to the God-appointed Body to which they are ‘called.’

As God’s cleansed and purged vessels unite under the appointment of God, great revelation will come, and within that revelation will come impartation – the power to fulfill God’s purpose upon the earth.

It is vastly important to recognize this strong point from heaven – Individual destinies will not be fulfilled without corporate anointing, and corporate anointing cannot take place but by anointed corporate gathering.

Said differently, God-appointed gatherings produce God-appointed corporate anointing which enables us to fulfill our individual destinies.  Two people can constitute a gathering.

Something radical is taking place in the earth today – God is gathering His people into living breathing organisms, apart from the organizations of man.

We were scattered that we might be gathered; we were divided that we now be united; we were defeated that we now emerge victorious…

The Army of God is gathering that they now may make plans for victory.

December 3, 2006

Clay Sikes

Clay SikesClay Sikes  ~ Lighthouse Prophecy.



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