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  1. I am uplifted to see a confirmation of the prophetic. And minutes ago I was reading that Nigel was thinking of making a comeback!


    More coincidences!!
    Nigel Paul Farage
    Farage is derived from the French word “faire,” which translates to “to do or to make.”
    Nigel can mean “champion”
    Paul has its roots in Latin and means “small” or “humble”.

  2. Two words about the future of the UK today, – one from you, the other from Veronika West who confirms what you received about the Roayl Family and went on to speak about a new emerging political leader for a time and season, „

    „See! For The Changing of The Guard will usher in a wolf in sheep’s clothing for a time and a season — and a Nation full of pride — and having gone its own way — will surely eat its full with the pigs!“

    I always appreciated Nigel Farage because of his courage to speak the truth, his vision and warnings about communism in past times, and prayed for a come-back for him!! But, – will he be a wolf in sheep‘s clothes?? I cannot imagine………

    • The wolf in sheeps clothing Veronika West talked about is I believe Kier Starmer. The changing of the guard will be the next election, when the Conservatives will be punished for throwing Gods (Liz) Truss out. Even the name Kier means “dark” or “dark one”

  3. As I prepared to have a nap this afternoon, I was led to pray for the new royal change in Denmark. On awaking I looked at this website to see the latest update and it was this very word! It is very important to pray for our royal family. Thank you, Chris, for bringing God’s word to us. It always blesses me

  4. A good Word, sir. I would pray and agree with all of it. The Lord also told me ‘Go to Wales’ a few years back, but has not opened the door, yet. Perhaps our paths will cross in the near future!

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