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  1. Thank you Clay for this awesome teaching we need so much in this dark world.  We need to go back to our first love in the body of Christ.  Unfortunately many in the church are believing that we are saved by works and not by faith, which is very sad.  I pray Ephesians 1:17 for the body so that we know what is the hope of His calling and what are the riches of His glory in the inheritance in the saints. I pray the pouring of His Spirit be upon all flesh and bring in the greatest harvest of souls into the Kingdom.
    I liked this: My calling is His business, not my worry, stress, or freak out. Do not let His business become your business. He is responsible for that which He made us responsible. Thanks again and blessings to you and family!!!

  2. The Old Black Midwives that were anointed by the Lord to deliver you and bless your. Other with the words of the Lord. Bless her for believing. In Jesus Name my name means Jehovah Shall Increase I being a black woman was born with many veils that were removed at 6 when I started my life with Christ!

  3. YOU ‘BETTA’ TEACH mighty man of God! i Believe w/you the ‘oneness’ you speak about is key to finding Kingdom Purpose/s. Romans 8:29 30 the 5 things Paul mentions ‘called’ but not ‘chosen’. We have to keep ‘hearing’…We know that the first ‘Call’ is to salvation in Jesus. And many have answered this ‘call’ – The ‘call’ of God is progressive. Few ‘chosen’ are those that progress in hearing, obeying the Holy Spirit manifesting gift/s Rom. 11:29 which often leads us into territorial tugs and takeover for ‘good works’ Eph. 2:10 in the earth, for Kingdom purpose and Kingdom dominion. Please share more of this man of God! YES!

    • Acts 9:15 But the lord said unto him go thy way for he is a chosen vessel unto me. This verses is about Paul at the very start of his earthly ministry telling Ananias to go to Paul and all he knew about Paul was he was killing Christians. Paul was a chosen vessel from the start. Not all believers are chosen but all are called. Just a thought

      • Interesting…Here’s another thought to consider: Both ‘called & ‘chosen’ in Greek ‘Eklektos’ can mean to invite. Believers are indeed His chosen Ex.19:4-6. Ecclesia. To empty personal spiritual ‘elitism’ of the word ‘chosen’ in context of Matt. 22:14 in part, because it has more to do w/our partnership w/God – as God is no respecter of persons but He IS a respecter of His divine principals we choose to activate/operate Acts 10:34. In pre-destination, we understand all Believers were ‘called’ to eternal salvation Eph.1:4-6 before the foundation of the world. Few ‘chosen’ seems to be predicated on human decisions made as we follow the Lord, in divine destiny on earth. Jeremiah 29:11 John 15:16 1Peter 2:9

  4. I myself see called or chosen as two different things. In the church world where most dwell I heard many say they were called. And knew very few almost none who were what I would say were chosen. Chosen is like a specific thing God himself always knew He would use at the appropriate time. A time sort of like now. All those who have been called have made quite a mess of it. I believe it is time that by His hand the few who have been chosen are to be used. Mostly those who have been called don’t accept those who have been chosen they nearly always see them as a threat now if they had believed and done it right in the first time the chosen would have remained hidden content that their fathers will was being done. The situation we are in will reveal the hidden or chosen ones for that is all that can resolve it. I pray they will listen history says most likely they won’t. The time is short use it wisely

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