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  1. What a good article, dear sister ! Last week I dreamed about a special natural medicine, a plant. I thought in the dream, if I may remember the name when I wake up. And God reminded me ! The same thing happened weeks ago. I ordered both, thank God, not expensive `things`. It will refresh and reset my body, it is about cleansing, getting rid of old things out of the body system. I can make a tea from it or even put this into the water for rinsing. Right on time for a Spring detox. God is speaking through dreams since He created His people. What a glorious God we have !
    About the beheading: Yes, sometimes we see terrible things. I know this, too. My son once told me he saw a vast field where many were swallowed up into pits, and others were rescued, went high to heaven. He watched it from heaven (I am so grateful that he saw it from above and not from beneath) and he had another dream where he saw big advertisements in electronic markets, that people should be no cowards and should take the microchip. At age 2 he laughed and spoke with Jesus in the night. I asked him, what he saw. He replied: “A man in a white dress, he looked like a lamb.” I could not remember that I ever told him about a white lamb, but for sure, I told him about Jesus.

  2. This Word came after several days of both confirmation and discouragement concerning My brother’s baby and the sex of the child. I saw in a vision of the Lord in Oct. 2013, a boy child being born to my brother who was in despair of ever having a child. By God command, I announced to My brother that he was to have a child, and told him the vision, but left out the sex because I wanted them to experience the thrill of finding out on their own. I did this without the Lord’s permission. In Oct. 2016, they conceived. The sex of the child was determined by two ultrasounds to be female. I have had to hold on to what the Lord has given me. I have repented of withholding His word from them without His permission. This was taking the word of the Lord with presumption and rebellion. I have had a small battle with my family. They wonder why I do not just agree with the doctors that it is a girl.

    This week, A friend told me that the day I told her of my dream from God that I had of her being happy was the day she learned she was pregnant. My brother-in-law, though knowing nothing of my vision at all, declared that he doesn’t feel the baby of my brother is a girl. And now this word from Ms. Stevens, who knows how rightly to handle the word of the Lord. Thank you Lord, for your unending mercies to me. Thank you, Ms. Stevens for your wisdom and your Word that spoke directly to my heart.

  3. Thank you so much for the article I myself has been a dreamer since I was a child even now I dream a lot about stuff going on in my life ; spiritual attacks;even what going on in the church or in another peoples life; What I didn’t know is that once it is shared there’s an attack by the enemy as a result my son has finished his degree and not working yet God showed me the company that would hire him I told my sister but since than the job has not manifested

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