We’ll Sing Again!


There are those who may think, that God’s investments are not forever.  

I wonder where many may have gotten the idea that certain things the Holy Ghost has imparted to people, are no longer authentic?  In simple terms, why would He develop a vessel, fill it with all of the things that He chose to fill it with, and then just discard it as mere dross?

I think I’m safe in saying that God does not choose and appoint anointed vessels, and then dump them.  Men do that.

I wasn’t going to write just now, but something happened.  You see, whenever you have been used of God in a very special manner, you’re not really ever the same again.  The gifts and callings of God, there are no replacements for them.  Search though you may, you’ll never find anything that equals it.

Is it possible that one of our biggest hang-ups that we, who say we are in the body of Christ have, is still deciding what God can forgive, and what He cannot.  Whom He can use, and who He can’t.

It’s that troublesome syndrome so many have, about what are big sins, and what are little ones.  I do believe with all of my heart that God is going to reveal some things to us in these latter days, that we simply did not know.

Feeling led, I was drawn to YouTube this evening.  I happened to see a video of an old song done by a deeply talented man and his huge choir.  But wait, neither he nor his choir is of our faith; I mean the one many of us grew up in.

They are not part of the church you know; or so we’ve said often enough.  The song had barely begun before my hands flew straight upward and I began to shake and weep.  I thought, “Where am I?  Why am I not doing all that God called me to do?”  I was deeply moved.

Let’s just talk about music.  Surely we haven’t forgotten that so many of us have one of the richest musical heritages that ever was.  We came up in a time when the Holy Ghost sang through people; such melody, such harmony, such dynamic voices and the Spirit moved in such deep and unsearchable ways.

Our people made albums; such gifted instruments.  They taught what they knew in churches, in camp meetings and conferences.  We all traveled, teaching one another.

God gave the song and no one has the power or the authority to take it from anyone.  Too many, can no longer sing in the houses of worship as they once did, because they no longer follow the rules.

Can you imagine what it feels like to want to sing and there is no place?  You can’t fit the mold anymore; you can’t live the way people want you to live.

But I hear a mighty choir leader sending out a call to all His voices.  He is the greatest director ever to set foot on this thing called Earth.

So I guess the venue has been rearranged.  What’s new, has become what’s old.  And what’s old, has become what is new.

I say again, God did not put gifts and talents into men and women, just to let them be suppressed.

I learned long ago, that the LORD has let some things transpire, so people will truly know the difference, and we will remember, what we really had.

I hear heaven’s orchestra tuning up for the grand finale.

“Will My people, now take their harps down from the willow?”


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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  1. I love you for this article, my brother ! Yes we have a heritage of music treasures. It takes courage and faith keep on singing. This is also THE WILL OF GOD.

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