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  1. Thank You Lord, that the Courts of HEAVEN is SPEAKING and YOU LORD Will Have the Final Say-So!  LET GOD ARISE-ALL HIS WNEMIEA BE SCATTERED!!!☝

  2. There is much encouragement in these words. I have read or heard most of what you have posted, except for the word from John Clements.
    Please tell me how to find the original post by Mr. Clements. I tried to locate it but failed.
    Thank you so much for your posts.

  3. Wow,Praise God!
    I don`t live in the USA but I am following what the LOrd is doing in these end times.
    I`m from Mauritius, a small island in the Indian ocean and the church is praying for our nation to become a sheep nation.
    We support you and Israel also.
    Bless you and may Jesus and his Holy Spirit continue to give you deep insight

    • God Bless You!!!  Thank you for supporting President Trump and the USA!!!

      I pray you are successful in becoming a “sheep” nation.

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