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  1. Praise the Lord! Thank you my Sister for sharing. WE WERE ALL CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD! AS A man thinks in His Heart, so is HE! Lord Let Justice runs down like a River and Righteous like a Mighty Stream! Amos 5:24!

  2. WOW! Thank you My Sister Sherry!  What a Beautiful Testimony & so much Powerful Revelation! & Truths! This is exactly what I shared with my daughter just on last night! As a born-again Spirit Filled believer, I too understand that God has called the Church to walk in His Love- Lead by example, and has called us to Love Him and Love our neighbor as ourself…. We are also called to be the Salt and the Light of the World like Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit for reminding us that we wrestle not against flesh or blood….! Thank You Lord for teaching us how to Love You and to how Love each Other – According to your WORD! The Word works& We just Have to Work the WORD!☝

  3. Sister Sherry,
    FINALLY, someone who has a similar background to me! Except it wasn’t through the military. I’m a white, Christian woman and I too have some very dear, black sisters from the Lord. I so identify with the black culture. Because of that, I am very misunderstood by my white family, friends and even Christian believers. I’ve lived in several parts of the country and have been a part of various Christian denominations. I am so grateful the Lord has exposed me to so many different races, cultures and even creeds. Looking forward to reading more of your insights into this subject of racism that so grieves the heart of our Lord.

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