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  1. I know your probably not going to believe me , when I tell you there is no such thing as the rapture of the church.first of all the scripture that the scripture in Thessalonians 4 has nothing to do with flying away. The dead in Christ are not in a graveyard. Study the book Romans and will understand.the dead in Christ are those that completely sold out to the Christ.This is why things will get worse in America.the church must get the true message. Christ in you the hope glory.Jesus will never make a psysical return to earth,he’s already here.he came at Pentecost.and will return in his church at tabernacles,the 3rd feast. The only rapture that will occur will happen right here on planet earth .in the air.not in some planet out in the cosmos some called Heaven!!

  2. I started singing that same song this last winter and spring season. It would NOT get out of my head and although it had been years since I heard it, the lyrics were recalled plain as day. I took it as a message I should pay attention to. I always found it sad (yet in God’s plan) that the wise men were the only ones who knew how special and highly exalted Jesus and His birth was to the earth.
    Some of the best examples of God’s love I’ve seen shown to me didn’t come from His people but a hopeless world. How can this be?  Prophecy is all around us (His gifts are irrevocable) from the most unlikely places. For undistorted, unbiased and full of Truth prophecy, His Word is the only plumb line.

    • In case it seems implied in my words above that His people are without love, that isn’t what I meant. I meant it as an encouragement that we can know the time is near for a “new birth” when the hopeless world speaks the language of hopeful Love (when put under His Word).

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