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Angels, Altars and Fresh Fire — 5 Comments

  1. I know all is safe in the Lord, for his word is our guidance, towards all good things.
    Thank you for this wonderful message, which rings with energetic faith, prosperity and puts a final end, to this barbaric evil, that has plagued mankind, for generations!
    Praying the Lords power, rain upon the Earth and on every living creature/ Being!  Amen

  2. I’m in South Africa and I received the very same message on the 5th of June. The Lord is speaking about altars that need to be erected. Not only nationally but internationally. This entire message is a confirmation of what I saw. We bless the Lord for the coming revival.

  3. The Father showed me a sign, an unusual cloud (see Facebook photo below). The inside of the cloud is shaped like a book on top of a pulpit. I was given interpretation that it represents the ‘Book of Fire.’ The photo was taken in Sydney, Australia, several years ago. 

    Click: “Picture”

  4. There is a shift from red flames to blue flames. The temperature increases from red flames to white flames, then to blue flames. Man can heat the furnace x7, but God can heat the furnace x8 (Dan 3:19-23). After the furnace event, “…the king promoted Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the province of Babylon” (v30, TPT). The church needs to pursue the fourth man in the furnace (v25).

  5. Wow!Bro.tim always has such a powerful word and always on fire! I love to listen to him and watch him. He is a very powerful man of God and I am truly grateful for him and his ministry.  He’s the real deal!

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