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  1. Dear Doug Addison. I am in love with your message Angels are being released. I am 86, have been serving the Lord for over 40 years. I have been knowing about the 7 spirits of God, have prepared a graphic artistic picture of The Majesty and the 7 Spirits of God. I have been writing about the 7 Spirits of God Praying about them. Speaking to others about them knowing that in this time and age in which we are living, the Lord is calling is Mighty warriors to rise up in the power and anointing of the 7 Spirits of God and begin to move in this Greater Glory that is falling upon the Earth at this time. We believers, lovers followers of Beautiful, Most Powerful King of Kings and Lord of All KNOW that HE IS COMING VERY SOON, FIRST FOR HIS OWN BELOVED and then 7 years later He will put His Bronze foot upon the Earth. All Glory to GOD. Carol J Morrow, Minister, Artist, and Writer

    • I am Carol Morrow and want to clarify that before the Lord comes for His Beloved Bride His True believers, there is a Greater Glory falling on the Earth where the Church will be cleansed from all and move in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ upon the Earth and the time is fulfilled He will call for the true believer to rise up and come to Him. Amen Carol J. Morrow

  2. That’s a real good short sermon. Thank you, dear brother. So many brothers and sisters do a great job in teaching and preaching. It’s midnight hour here in the geographic middle of Europe. It has been a rainy month, many floods. Main sation and airport, main traffic tunnel and highways were blocked and under water and massive car destructions through hail. but July is just at the beginning. According to GOD the 7th month has remarkable days. Some of our brethren found out, that now the different calendars line up supernaturally. So we have indeed a special July this year.

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