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Answering The Call: Part 2 — Life in the Desert — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you David for sharing this spole to me and gave me peace and expectation in my desert place God has been so faithful even it has been so difficult the desert gives more meaning and purpurs now Thank you Jesus
    God bless you

  2. David, now I understand why I have been so hindered from reading part 2! This is speaking to me in so many aspects. It is not something you can read one time and put down. YES to! “He wants your heart. All of it. Openly. Freely. Nothing more… and certainly nothing less.”
    Thank you for this series. Your sister, Joyce

  3. Thank you so much David. Your writimgs have blessed me mightily. The lies I believed about my Father, about myself about others and also about the adversary are being shown by Father God bit by bit, layer upon layer, Then He shows me the truth. The lies are being peeled away. The circumstances are rough and hard, the desert is a place of isolation. But through the circumstances the lies are being shown so obvious and highlighted, that it is very clear that they are lies. Father God has been healing me, made me strong first and gave me courage and boldness, [by punching a boxing bag as one thing] Then He broke the walls down in my heart to make it soft and loving again. It has been the hardest place and season of my Ife, it still is, but what is slowly coming forth is amazing. No matter how hard and gruesome, the LORD has always brought me to victory, ALWAyS !!! Glory to God!!! David, I would like to write your articles down if that is okay with you? Thank you again,I am looking forward to the other parts,. God bless you David.

    • Hello Vanyah,

      Praise God!!!! Isn’t He just so, so good? The more we understand His heart and how He works in our lives, for on behalf of restoring us more and more to a deep relationship with Him.. it does make it easier to partner and accept with His Joy.

      I want to say out of compassion and empathy I am sorry for the season you are in, but truly I see the outcome, and so I rather rejoice in it on your and Father’s behalf. Maija and I will be praying for you!

      and of course, take whatever you need, write it down etc… be blessed as Father speaks to you in any and all ways. I am honored.

      David NY

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