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  1. Hallo, my name is Bishop Johnson Makumbi from Uganda East Africa I kindly request for your email address to contact you

    • Yes it does start small, Sarah. Thank you for pointing that part out. Sometimes people don’t realize that. Yet there is always an inward check in the Spirit. We need just be aware and not go past that nudging from the Lord. Hugs and blessings, Joyce D

  2. Oh so so good, my friend, Joyce. We need to pause and think about this for sure. So glad you shared this timely message for this hour. xoxoSandi

  3. May God protect you Joyce from head to toe.

    Joyce Yes the perspective you shared is very important.

    Maintaining boundaries is key. Allowing the Holy Spirit to step in and do amazing work is the key to getting started.

    May God ignite a Holy Spirit filled fire for all in this ministry to experience Jesus and revival.Amen

    • That is a powerful statement you shared Wong! I so thank you also for the prayer of protection over me. I pray the Lord continue to lead guide and bless you. ❤️

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