Are We Living in the Last Days?


Are we living in the last days?  Each of us, must answer that question for ourselves.

Either we are, or we’re not.  There is no straddling of the fence in this; either there is no such thing, or we are well into it.

It is needful that we come full circle and review some signs; those Jesus spoke of, those Paul wrote about, and even those John spoke of in the Revelation.

Some very troubling events are occurring as we speak; in our backyard too.

We are led to decipher something up front.  The fear of the LORD, and a spirit of fear, are not the same thing.  When two fell dead at the door for lying to the Holy Ghost, great fear came upon the church.

Signs and wonders were done, and many were close in fellowship and souls were added to the body of Christ.  Even when Jesus stopped a funeral procession, and raised that young man from the dead, great fear came upon the people.  And they glorified God.

This topic is one of those signs of the last days; it is now acted out.

Incontinent = not restrained, uncontrolled; having little or no control over, lacking in moderation, lacking in sexual restraint; unbridled and wild.  We’ve heard that word “bridled” before.  If we think about it, there is one thing that we need to have a rein on.  And we know what that is.  Our hearts seem to be full of wrath and poison; in too many cases, that is what is coming out of our mouths.  We used to have an old saying in the country; “they’re running off their mouth.”

Moderation, is an ugly word in these our days.  Everything is either all the way to one side, or all the way to the other side.  Most issues, are not only one-sided; there are many places that overlap and like it or not, there are many gray areas.

It is impossible that so many declare the issue 50/50 and always too close to call.  That is not true life and we know that.  We’re not discussing politics here; it is not about our loudly shouted stance on anything.  What it is about are the signs that are happening all around us; and what it all means.

Let’s not get side-tracked here.  One interpretation says that one of the signs is that people will be “impelled by greed.”  They call it dangerous times [of great stress and trouble] and [difficult days that will be hard to bear.]

We were once taught that the Church was the most powerful force on this earth.  By doing what we were called to do in the Spirit, we could change or hold back the approach of the enemy long enough for people to repent and for the Gospel to be preached to all the world.  And the gates of hell could not prevail.

We must ask ourselves, why are we not watching?

Why are so many not paying attention?

Do we recognize the distractions that are now being used to keep us blinded, and unconcerned?

We are going to answer for all the things we’re saying; and all the things that we are supposed to be watching for.

While we should be on our faces seeking God, so many are spouting off.  The scripture, speaks about those who do so and actually have little knowledge or experience in the matter.  They are incontinent; babbling harshly and angrily.

There are many things today, that we love more than God.  We can never admit it to ourselves, but the signs are all there.

Many will also declare, “What can I do about it?”  Well, what were we taught to do about it and just how powerful is the Church today?

As long as it is not in our backyard, we don’t have to face it.  We’ll deal with it when it gets here.

Will we?  Horrible things, dreadful acts of evil and such violence, are happening everywhere.  They are all signs.

Other signs, are more subtle.  Are any of those signs, a part of me today?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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