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  1. The process continues word upon word, and phrase upon phrase, all causing the building to rise.Amen!
    Exactly so, like a house that is built which must be perfect with each piece which must fit into the next.  God is building His house this way.

    But also the disciples who walked with Jesus did know the secrets hidden in the scriptures because Jesus said that He told the others ‘the great masses’ in parables but when the disciples where alone with Him He expounded ALL tings.

    This is also the difference between “the different soil” in which the parables ends,either in an ear that will seek the Lord for the parables to be expounded which will give ‘more revelation fruit ‘ or if it ends in an ear which is fully satisfied with the parable (the visible surface) alone.(Matt.13:3-9)

    “And with many such parables spake He the Word unto them (the others), as they were able to hear it,” Mark 4:33
    “without a parable spake He not unto them (the others) and when they (Jesus and His disciples) were alone, he expounded ALL THINGS to His disciples,” Mark 4:34
    “Then opened He up their understanding to understand the scriptures,” Luke 24:45

    I believe we are in the days when the Lord now will let those grow quickly who are willing to open their mouths and swallow the Truth, because until now there has been wide spread doctrines which has tasted sweet in the mouth, the place where it is easy to spit it out if one is not pleased with the taste.

    “And I took the little scroll out of the hand of the messenger, and did eat it up, and it was in my mouth as honey sweet, and when I did eat it in my belly was (when the reality came into my deepest understanding) made bitter,” Rev.10:10.

    “From this time many of His disciples went away backward, and were no more walking with Him,” John 6:66.

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