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Are You Ready for the Final Curtain Call? — 4 Comments

  1. To be.honest
    Stephen Hanson writings are poetic as well intro to a storyline for novelty. Nevertheless, his message brands WARNING and sings to tunes from the Book from Song of Solomon I BELIEVE his message forth warns about Trump, Biden and November 3 elections.
    Take to heart …saved and unsaved, just and unjust …”How will the final scene play out?  Who will be the protagonist and who will be the antagonist?” Stephen Hanson

    Who would be the NEXT POTUS?
    THE LORD JESUS CHRIST has ALREADY cast HIS decided Commander-In-Chief.

  2. Great word! The delusion is very strong. Many are deceived. God showed me also the current president is a test for the Christian’s! A test, as far as who are you really trusting? Are you going to trust in this man, as if he is god? Or will you fully put all your faith in me, your Lord and savior! God hates all this idolatry! Trump worship.

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