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  1. Yes, they were not ready. They turned their backs against the woman who brought peace and love to the inhabitants in weak dementia, and to the employees. Some of the elderly said: “Please stay here – we waited for you.” And one 92 aged Jew asked, when I entered the other day the dining room, who I am. A colleague answered: “This is Marion.” He replied loud, he said a very clear sentence for all to hear: “Marion – the chosen one”. Some giggled and laughed, the others were quiet.
    I had a place at the table among enemies, like Psalm 23 says. But they chose to make me the enemy… While I type this, before 7 in the morning, sun comes up with beauty and might. I took a picture and set it to my homepage. Now enough explanations. Yes, my chosen sisters and brothers here: I WILL ARISE AGAIN !

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