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A Day of Reckoning or Rejoicing? — 2 Comments

  1. These Words make me tremble and be aware of the serious time!
    Thank you Yolanda!

    To Marion Karola:
    I work in the same field and experiences the same thing.
    On the other hand I am where God wants me to be because I am not there for my own peace, but for to walk in and obey His commandments no matter circumstances.
    And every day I pray to Him that He gives me the strength to rather leave the house and the income than to go against His love commandments.
    And to have the strength to continue do good in the midst of all evil.
    And He does!

  2. When Christians have not the expected “success”, then quickly other Christians mock them even more. I KNOW – they regret their wrong decisions at work. They cast out the good ones. This world only learned who JESUS was, when they had rejected Him, refused Him, and cast the wrong man / woman out !
    HE – He oftentimes had to go onward, He went straight through the masses and had to go. Even to the desert. Alone, rejected for doing GOOD. Brothers and sisters – stop attacking your friends. Those who have a “safe” job, are the first who mock the others. This generation is cruel to the righteous ones. The worst places to work is among health care teams. So much pride, jealousy, so much selfishness. I think next time I`d better scrub toilets, for there is more peace than in elderly homes and hospitals.
    Matthew 5 – Sermon on the Mount: “When those things start to happen: REJOICE – your redemption is near !”
    2. Timothy 3: Love is getting colder, they only “love” themselves…  it is an evil generation. In any “”failure” what this world says, failure is – GOD KNOWS what I worked for HIM. I rescued some. I am sure, I help some to go to their knees there. HE has taken me out.

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