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Armed With the Armor of Love! — 4 Comments

  1. This is such a spot on word needed for me and all of us this day, Sandi.

    As I begin to read how I felt His Prescence hovering. Thank you for these beautiful words, prayers and declarations.

    As I begin to pray them, it all come out in my Heavenly language.

    I loved, “Ask yourself, what lie have I believed about the heart of God?  And what lie is the enemy trying to feed me today that cancels The Truth of God’s unchanging, unfailing, unrelenting Love?”

    Father God is just so tenderly pouring His heart out to us, helping us to become Love.

    Love you my sister and friend. Many blessings. Joyce

    • Dear Joyce,
      As always, your words are so encouraging and I am so grateful. Love is the main thing. My pastor’s sermon Sunday really got to me about the Cross and I have been caught up in the depths of His love for us for a while now. Love you my friend. Sandi

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