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As I Was With Moses I Will Be With You — 2 Comments

  1. Shalom. I carry on a great perception when the veil is perfectly shifted from the body of Christ to begin to an earth mysteries according to these prophecies that have gone before the body of Christ.
    Apostle Moshe. Uganda(east Africa)

  2. good and true word Elaine….. I am so disheartend on what most of the popular pastors and teachers have falsely proclaimed lately…..which is a dangerous and false doctrine of the communion table…..labeling the the bread and the wine elements as turning into the real body and blood of Jesus….and replacing the working of the Holy Spirit to the elements of the bread and wine perverting the Word of God and deceiving the body of Christ….I encourage everyone to reread John 6:31-59…Jesus is teaching that He is the bread of life that came down from heaven and as we accept him we are eating the bread by thru Faith in him….verses 47 thru 50 really explains it well……by faith we are saved thus are eating the bread …the false doctrine is replacing the Holy Spirits work in us with the elements of bread and wine……and this is a result of tieing him up and setting him in the corner…the Spirit of truth is tired of this and is leaving the building or has left the building of most of these churches….thus the gift of decernment is no longer relevent the people no longer are using it because the Holy Spirit has been quenched…totally against the Word of God….people,do you not feel a lack of peace in this new teaching and you should..thenthis new teaching is not of God…it iis false and perverting the truth of God….we are to do communion as a remembrance of Him as Jesus taught the last supper before he was betrayed his command was do this in remembrance of me period and nothing else..the rest is the Holy Spirits job amen

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