Many Tend to Follow Those Who Speak What We Want to Hear — 5 Comments

  1. Many godly prophets believe President Trump was chosen by God to set us free from the impending one gov’t world. I believe Mr Hanson is incorrect; I neither worship President Trump nor harbor any illusions of “unity” being offered by the deceitful, violent Democrats in power. If God appointed him (and I know He did), he’s good enough for me. Plus he won the election. It will all be exposed.

    • This one government you speak of, is it not spoken of in the word as something that must come to pass before His return? why then do you want to be reacued from it? this is like peter vowing to protext Jesus from the pain of the cross. And what was the Masters reply?

  2. Father I thank you that when we pray & make decrees- that we are not praying or decreeing words from our Soul- (from our own desires) and that we are praying & Decreeing Your WORD-that comes from the Holy Spirit of God! You are the Only One who raises up kings and takes them down! We Trust You Father as YOUR Kingdom manifests on Earth as IT in Heaven & Help us Lord to recognize & accept your DIVINE WILL!

  3. I beg to differ; there are truly some godly prophets that have been deceived and they continue to be deceived.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. The levels of mass hysteria and deception are of concern and call for urgent introspection and returning to God.