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Attracting the Eye of God! — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you Mary Lindow for this powerful encouragement, wisdom and instruction. I haven’t even finished it yet or read others comments but absolutely love the richness here:
    “But Doing Small Things With Great Love Unto Him Is Living A Life Of Worship. Deborah was a worshiper who loved the oil of the lamps, The Holy Spirit.” Blessings.

  2. Mary, Oh How deeply penetrating is your open and brokenness in this word. It is SOOOOO Powerful. It is so encouraging to the weariness so many are suffering from. Thank you thank you ..it sure hit the mark!!! It is a new garment we are wearing in this hour of true identity with the masses in a newer living way..not like we haven’t been there before but never never like the now time. THIS is a keeper, my friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love and grace, Sandi

    • Love you my friend and sister at heart. You SO understand the war we are in. Yet… Emmanuel… God with us…… IS with us. I’m so thankful Jesus called my name and drew me to His presence. He is our all in all…

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