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Your Glory Crown, Praise & Worship With The LORD! — 8 Comments

  1. Dear Beverly, please forgive me for calling you Sandi in my last reply!  Oh my gosh!  I was walking around the house this morning saying “This psalm is for Beverly.” It was communicated to me through Holy Spirit and then I type on here the wrong name!

    • Gabrielle,
      Forgiven ❤ You have nothing to worry about, I totally understand. Thank you so much for responding!  BLESSINGS! Bev

  2. Dear Sandi, I love The Father’s message so much about praising, worshipping and DANCING that last night after reading your post I came home and just started dancing and singing to the LORD! It was simple yet so beautiful! ❤️. Then this morning He gave me a psalm about this confirming what He said through you. I will publish it in the few days. It is absolutely wonderful!  Many hugs my dear sister and let us forever dance with Him! ❤️

    • Gabrielle,

      I guess all that dancing went from your fest, right up to your head! 

      You came to my heart as I was writing this, so it seemed like the LORD was tieing this Word & you sitting at His feet, enjoying His presence into a beautiful bow!

      You also remind me of David, as he sat with his instruments before the LORD playing for Him, in His presence.

      What a blessing you are for the body of Christ & I’m sure for all the little ones you teach.

      GOD BLESS YOU! Bev

    • Myriam, You are quite welcome!  Holy Spirit really enjoyed this Word! Thank you so much for your kind response! BLESSINGS! Bev

  3. What a Word Bev! It brought so much back to my memory of praising the Lord by dance many times in churches or here at my house in times past. Never planned, but spontaneous worship & praise. Never does the Lord put you to dancing and bring confusion either. If in truth and in spirit it will flow and never distract away from the Lord. Maybe a little off topic here, but I have met many real deal people but also some swaying and ‘gyrating’ in a unholy spirit even in churches. The pure will pour out of their spirit true holiness. Loved: “Praising and Worshipping Me will pull you out of the pit you may have fallen into, knowingly or unknowingly. It will keep you out of the pit, as you look up into My Face and not at My hands, for your needs.” I love you sis. ❤️

    • Joyce,
      Thank you so much for your kindness of heart & the words you pour out. Truly you are the BELOVED OF THE LORD!!! GOD BLESS YOU!  Bev

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