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Avoid Vaccines; Value the Precious Blood of Christ! (Updated) — 41 Comments

  1. My goodness, I was trying to google prayers against vax, of course that sent me to links on why the j a b is so good..then i checked duck duck go, and i found your link on the firs page…and I’m so glad, I did. thank you for the prayers, and if you dont mind, maybe I can read your post on my YT channel, if it doesn’t get censored. And I will give links to your page. It’s just, I think people need prayers to combat against this wickedness, and they may not know, exactly what to pray for, and to come against. Personally, I have started to pray, that the blood of Jesus be injected into the bodies of family and friends that have taken it, and for all demonic, and satanic things in it to cease and exit the body in Jesus’ name.

  2. Mark of the Beasts is the belief that the tribulation comes first with satan looking like Christ to “rapture” you out, when you we should be the ones left still working in the field.

  3. I went through almost a month of covid-19 at home. It arrived on my spiritual birthday. I prayed for the Blood of Jesus to cover, cleanse, empower, and heal every day.

    I refused the false vaccine.

    Am so sad that even my own bible-based church is requiring it’s pastors and staff to either take the jabs or to wear a mask,

    California is so litigious.

    People who choose to attend church in person should not not be so restricted.

  4. Thank you, brother! The spirit is calling those to really know Jesus as their ALL-in-ALL. He also showed me a man sitting down in a physicians room reaching to him saying “I have the power of the living God inside of me who has created all things, but I need YOUR help.”
    It’s not meant to bring condemnation but to stop and really think about that. The word even says there will be many religious people who have a form of godliness and deny its power. The dividing line is being made.

  5. by faith i plead the prescious blood of the lamb, in the holy name of yashua, the first and last, the god, the lord, the king of israel, which was and which is to come in his glory, might and power, amen

  6. I am a federal employee with the DOD. It looks like we will face a vaccine mandate soon or be unemployed. I am going to request a religious accommodation but worry that it will be denied. Please pray that the accommodation will be approved.

  7. Laying of hands should be the first thing done. If there is no healing then a doctor is needed and to advise otherwise is a lack of faith that God won’t use a Physician with the knowledge he has given them to heal someone. Is it as complete a healing as God’s healing? no, but it does work sometimes.

  8. What do christians do if they get Covid,stay at home and pray.Not the ones i know they run of to the hospital to get help.All so, all you see it and claim it chritians do you go and lay hands on the people with Covid,if not why not surly God will protect you from all disease.For many years i was involved with a church that taught John Wimbers teaching that every one should be healed,and if you were not you had a lack of faith.But remember John Wimber died of a brain Tumor, he could not do what he preached.

    • ye aan salm 91 also says the pestalance walketh in DARKNESS, scince says UV LIGHT kilsl covid, yet they ban OUTDOOR but allow INDOOR gatherings…. they WANT IT TO SPREAD!

  9. Hello my name is greg
    ..being Christian…I have tried to turn to my faith to support my decision to not Vax .based on the concerns u mentioned.. but they are not acceptimg it..so I do not choose to get the evil Vax.. I .wondering would u be able to write me a document or approve a consent form for me to be exempt.here In Ontario Canada..

    Pleàse if u can help..thanks..

    God bless

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