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Away From Me, I Never Knew You! — 5 Comments

  1. I had a dream this very last night.  I had organized a serious women’s bible study at my home but as we were getting started some teenagers related to a few of the wonen highjacked the meeting and demonstrated a game to play instead.  Superficial bible trivia and riddles were to be answered and each correct answer was worth a piece of decoration for a carnival cart!  Literally a clown car!!!  I was very frustrated.  There was more to the dream, but this was the main portion.  God help us!!

  2. You hit a really profound point! Repentance! Many heretical teachings are out today, teaching that one need not repent after being saved?? These teachings are causing many to fall into error! Repentance is the key, we must seek after the Lord daily, and yes we will need to repent often! Thank you for this word

    • Mary hi, well said!
      The continually seeking of the Lord’s Will IS the very life of repentence! Amen

      “But seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God, and His righteousness(His way of doing things) and (THEN) all these things shall be added unto you Matth.6:33

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