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Who is Your Spiritual Family? — 2 Comments

  1. These are my Mothers and Brothers and Sisters, the ones that do the will of my Father. Statement by Jesus the Christ

  2. You are right, we are all connected.

    God did once show me something that looked as a huge “spider net” spread out all over the planet. Here and there there was certain points that did glow, like stars in the night sky.
    At the same time I did understand
    (God never need to “explain”, He just open your understanding by connecting the correct brain synapses to each other, something we cannot do by ourselves, that is one reason His name is “El”Shaddai, which refers to the electricity in the brain)
    that what I do, or not do, can affect someone else on the other side of the Globe without that I know it or know the person.
    This means that obedience in seemingly “meaningsless” situations can have a great result to someone else without that you know about it, only God knows.

    This is one of the meaning by “walking by faith not by sight”, and understanding of this invisible connection will make the “walk with the Lord” much easier for the believer.

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